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How CFT Can Help When Coming Out as LGBTQ

If you have recently decided to come out to others, are thinking about it, or coming out to yourself for the first time, you may feel scared and nervous and this is totally normal. You may feel uncertain as to how your family, friends and colleagues will react.

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Anxiety Treatment

Coping with Covid-19 Anxiety. What hasn’t changed?

During the pandemic it is very easy to feel anxious. Our minds can quickly spiral to worst case scenarios and before we know it we feel even worse, and helpless. Uncertainty hurts. As a species, we like certainty, because when things are certain we have a sense of control. So in spite of there being a lot of our control at the moment, we still have a lot that we do have control over. That is where this tool works great.

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Online CBT

‘Just Feel It’

What are Feelings Feelings just are. Like the weather. Feelings come and Feelings go. Some feelings are pleasant. Some feelings are neutral. Other feelings are

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Online CBT

Online CBT Therapy

Online CBT Therapy Online CBT and Online Therapy have been shown to be as effective as in person CBT Therapy meetings. I’ll repeat that –

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