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CBT Gym: What is CBT Therapy and how can it help?

Brain Workouts - with Justin Miller, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, CBT Therapist and Coach

Is Anxiety Stealing Your Joy and Wasting Your Life?

It's not your fault - it's just what untrained brains do

Do you experience anxiety, fear, worry? Do you regularly feel overwhelmed by life? If so, know that you are definitely not alone and this is very normal. Did you know that our human brains are actually wired for danger and that most people (whether they are courageous enough to admit it or not) do experience debilitating anxiety a lot? And add to this, climate change, Covid-19, systemic injustice. It’s no wonder people are experiencing anxiety more than ever. 

Do you know what’s worse? We aren’t taught to understand anxiety, nor learn tools to manage it. And often, we feel bad for having anxiety in the first place. I get it. I know how horrible anxiety is and how powerless we can feel when it attacks. It seems like there is no way out and that it will never get better. But this is a lie. Modern neuroscience has changed everything. Anxiety doesn’t have to control us. We can control anxiety. We can thrive

You Can Literally Rewire Your Brain To Feel Great

Therapy has changed a lot in the past 20 years. Modern Neuroscience has changed everything. In the same way you can go to a gym to get physically fit, you can also go to a ‘brain gym’ to get mentally fit. Applying the latest brain science along with CBT allows you to do this in a surprisingly short amount of time. By understanding how your mind and emotions work, you can literally rewire your brain to become excellent at managing anxiety and all emotions. Change is not only possible – it is very likely as long as you do your part.

Welcome to CBT Gym

What is CBT Therapy exactly? Brain Workouts at CBT Gym consist of the following stages:

  1. Test Drive and Orientation: We will devise a workout plan that is tailored to your needs and goals. 
  2. Lowering the Alarm: You will gain an understanding of how your brain works and get skillful at using brain tools designed to lower anxiety quickly. By the end of this stage you will understand the ‘hardware’ of being human and how to manage your human alarm system.
  3. Me-to-Me Relationship: During this stage you will learn how to develop an amazing relationship with yourself by practicing fun and effective mindfulness, breathing and imagery tools. By the end of this stage you will be able to manage your inner critic effectively and access inner support and self-compassion with ease.
  4. Clearing the Past and Present: During this stage you will apply your new learned tools to resolve any present or past difficulties. This is the ‘change the narrative’ stage where we attack your struggles.
  5. Coaching: In the coaching stage you will focus on planning and designing the life you want to live. We will focus on your values and the legacy you want to create. 
  6. Future Proofing: In this stage we will bring everything together. You will reinforce all that has been learned and make a concrete plan for the future. 

A Thriving Life

Lower Alarm & Anxiety
Be able to ride the waves of any negative emotions skillfully and tune into positive emotions at will.

Self Kindness
Develop an amazingly supportive inner monologue. Learn how to treat yourself the way you treat loved ones – because you are a loved one!

With CBT Coaching, free yourself from past limiting beliefs and design the life of your dreams based on what’s most important to you. Live on purpose with intention.

"Totally changed my life. The brain workouts really worked."

“CBT Gym totally changed my life. The CBT brain workouts between sessions started to work from the very first week. Within a month my anxiety dropped significantly and the best part is that I know these tools will be there for me moving forward. I was skeptical at first but I definitely believe that I rewired my brain for good. The Brain workouts really worked”