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Life Coaching Honolulu & London

Are You A Highly Motivated Person Struggling To Find Balance? Life Coaching Can Change Your Life.

  • Do you feel as if you are too critical of yourself?
  • Despite how driven you are, do you still lack happiness or feel as if your life has no direction?
  • Does it seem as if your life is totally out of sync with what you truly want?

Perhaps you feel burned out from trying to juggle your career, family, and social life. Or maybe despite all of your success and what you have managed to achieve, you still feel like you are an imposter. Regardless of where you are on your life journey, life coaching can help you take stock of where you are and where you want to go. 

Even though you are highly motivated to succeed, no matter how hard you work, it can seem like you still aren’t doing enough. Because of this, debilitating anxiety might be causing you to second-guess every decision you make. Feeling unbalanced and out of sorts, it may seem like your purpose in life is missing. Life coaching can help you learn how to feel good within yourself.

Persistent Stress Can Have A Powerful Impact On Your Well-Being

Constantly feeling anxious or burned out can affect how you physically feel. You may notice that your heart races for no reason or you get panic attacks.

With your mind always keyed up, it’s probably almost impossible to relax and simply enjoy what you have achieved. Unable to wind down, you could be experiencing problems sleeping, leaving you tired, irritable, and on edge. 

You’re probably having trouble expressing your needs to friends and family—or finding it difficult to intuit and respond to your partner’s needs. Or maybe your busy lifestyle is making it hard to meet people and relate to others on a meaningful level. 

Life can be challenging and hard to navigate, no matter who you are. Working with a life coach can help you overcome these obstacles. Life coaching can teach you practical tools to find balance, joy, and more significant meaning in your life.

Most People Will Struggle With The Direction Of Their Life – Life Coaching Can Be A Compass!

It’s a hard fact that at some point, we all struggle. Whether with our career, family, relationships, or life in general, everyone has difficulty finding balance and joy. This is where getting the extra support of a life coach can make a big difference. 

For instance, when it comes to careers, it can be emotionally gut-wrenching having to work at two or three places to make ends meet. Many people have to sacrifice essential parts of their life and take jobs that they despise so they can hopefully afford the ever-rising cost of living. 

With so much focus on survival, it can be hard finding the time to relax and simply enjoy life. When we think of life coaching, usually images of perfectly optimized lives come to mind. BUT in real life, this is often far from the reality of day to day existence. Life coaching can help you manage what is going on in your life better and help ‘optimize your achievements’ BUT did you also know that life coaching can teach you the tools required to actually slow down long enough to enjoy your life too? 

man looking stressedAdults, Young And Old, Are All Overwhelmed – And Everyone Deserves The Support Life Coaching Can Offer

Life is becoming increasingly stressful for everyone—and it is more challenging than ever for young adults to feel settled and financially secure. It’s difficult to buy a home when you are young, especially with student debt higher than ever. And many younger adults are having to worry far too early in life about how they can save for the future or their retirement. 

As people get older, those fears only grow stronger and more real. For many individuals, that weight is a heavy burden to bear—one that limits their potential for finding happiness, balance, and success in life. Life coaching can help you figure out what is going on, what has gone wrong, and what you need to feel good again in yourself and in your life, regardless of your age. 

Using Self-Help or Growth Resources Found Online Isn’t Always Useful, Nor Are Endless Life Coaching Apps And Webinars That Don’t Get Used Or Watched

Unfortunately, there are so many apps, self-help books, and webinars out there that it’s hard to know where to start or what will work. Many people will try what was helpful for their family and friends, but this often fails because we are all so different. 

This is where a good life coach can help you – by figuring out together what kind of life coaching you need so that you can get back to living in a way that is rewarding for yourself AND sustainable your whole life long. 

When it comes to navigating life, people often do not consider counseling or life coaching because of outdated ideas of what therapy (or coaching) will involve. However, life coaching and counseling aren’t about sitting on a sofa, getting analyzed, and being judged. 

Working with a life coach is about providing you with short-term stress relief while helping you cultivate long-term personal growth and the balance needed to live your best life.

Life Coaching Can Help You Find Your Purpose

Many people don’t know what to expect from life coaching. But my job is to act like a guide who helps you understand how your brain and body work together and what can be done to improve how you think, feel, and respond to whatever life throws at you. 

I want to help you discover what makes you feel good and how you can increase joy and balance in your life. We’ll try to answer questions like, What would a life well-lived look like for you? What do you need to get to this place? How can you support yourself while continuing to grow into the person you were born to be? 

As a life coach, I also want to help you manage your emotions effectively, improve your self-image, and navigate everyday challenges with confidence. So part of coaching also involves  teaching you how to become your own therapist and equipping you with life skills that will follow you long after therapy ends.

Your entire relationship with yourself and life can be amazing. No matter what happens, at the end of the day, you always have yourself to depend on. So learning how to grow and take care of yourself with the support of a life coach can catapult you to success you didn’t think was possible.

My Approach To Life Coaching 

In both counseling and life coaching sessions, I utilize two primary modalities for treatment. The first is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

CBT enables you to become conscious of how you talk to yourself—what you say to yourself and what kind of tone you use. Developing this self-awareness enables you to shift a negative inner narrative to a supportive, self-affirming kind of mindset. In that way, it’s especially helpful for overcoming issues stemming from self-doubt, low self-esteem, and imposter syndrome.

I also use Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT), which can help you understand the neuroscience of how your brain, body, and emotions intertwine. It allows you to develop greater inner kindness, compassion, and support for yourself. CFT also provides you with a toolkit of fun and effective life skills utilizing aspects of mindfulness, nature, movement, posture, touch, and more. 

Working together, you can discover healthy ways to manage anxiety, self-criticism, and self-doubt while also learning how to talk to yourself in a kind and supportive manner. As you experience your emotions fully and become aware of the helpful and unhelpful stories you may have been telling yourself, you’ll begin to empower yourself to rewrite your life’s narrative. 

Life Coaching Helps You Change The Narrative

Happy group of women looking at papersNo matter what you have going on, your story doesn’t have to stay like this. Through life coaching, we can help shift your mindset in sustainable and profound ways.

When you choose me as your life coach, you are gaining support and the opportunity to learn the tools you need to succeed professionally and personally. I don’t just see you as a potential client—I see you as a human being who deserves every opportunity to better yourself. I want to help you realize your full potential and achieve everything you want out of life.

You May Still Have Questions About Life Coaching…

Where do I start? I feel so overwhelmed.

It is hard to know where to start, but with a trained life coach by your side, we will figure it out together. We will start by establishing the goals you wish to accomplish with therapy and the steps you need to take to get there. 

At the same time, I’ll help you develop the skills and self-awareness needed for you to self-soothe and stay grounded both in and outside of our sessions. Whatever your needs or fears are, I’m here to comfort, support, and guide you toward feeling better.

Life coaching didn’t work before. Why would this be different?

I can’t say why your previous experience wasn’t helpful, but I can say that talking in sessions is rarely enough. Learning how to have a supportive and healthy relationship with yourself is paramount to feeling happier and managing the ups and downs of life. 

Working with a life coach makes that goal possible by using a range of evidence-based tools and equipping you with skills and knowledge you can draw from in your life outside of therapy.

I’m nervous and don’t want to be judged.

I will do my absolute best to help you feel comfortable. You are always the expert on yourself, so ultimately, you are the one in control. And because I don’t focus on “mental illness,” I’ll never judge, analyze you, or try to force you into a rigid diagnostic category.

Plus, it’s okay if counseling makes you nervous. There’s no better person to help you deal with fear than a life coach who is 100 percent rooting for you to grow, heal, and learn.

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Life Coaching Can Help You Finally Find Balance And Joy

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