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Client Stories: How CBT Works

Get the Tools. Start Thriving.

What my clients have to say

Every previous Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) client was just like you, wondering how CBT works, if CBT would work for them, and how long it would take. I sincerely hope their success stories will resonate with you, and be an inspiration for you to take the next step to change your life, forever. If you would like to see if working together could help you learn to manage anxiety ASAP and achieve your dreams, please book your CBT Test Drive below.

CBT Gym was exactly what I needed

‘I learned how to live! My anxiety is under control and I am much kinder to myself now. Thank you Justin.’

Online CBT was great

‘Video based CBT sessions were very helpful. I loved the convenience of having sessions at home after work. I am now in control of my anxiety!’

CBT Changed My Life

‘From the Test Drive appointment I felt excited and hopeful that I could change. Then within a few sessions I actually started to feel better. Understanding how anxiety works on a physiological level made a huge difference.’

How CBT Works

‘From the very beginning Justin helped me to understand how CBT works – that the connection between my thoughts, my actions and my feelings are not random! The tools I learned are both deceptively simple and profoundly powerful!

The right tools to handle life's storms

‘I am a totally different person because of my sessions with Justin. For the first time ever, I am confident that I have the right tools to handle life’s storms. I know exactly what to do when anxiety strikes.’

Video worked really well

‘Video based sessions worked really well. It It meant I could do sessions at home in a comfortable environment and allowed me to balance CBT with other commitments including work and looking after my newborn son. I think this medium is the way forward.’

Learned to manage anxiety

‘I could not have been happier in my decision to choose Justin as my CBT therapist Justin was very intuitive to my individual needs and also referenced evolutionary theory and neuroscience and linked it back to modern society. This really helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I was. Not only did I learn to manage my anxiety symptoms but I have a greater understanding of the impact our bodies have on our minds and vice versa.

Tools and techniques to manage life

‘Justin strikes the right balance between helping you to look back on past experiences in a kind and supportive way while also preparing you with the tools and techniques to manage life in the present – which in turn sets up solid foundations for the future. It is for all these reasons that I could not recommend Justin highly enough and I am so thankful that I was able to get the help I really needed.’

Totally life changing

‘Totally life changing! I didn’t know therapy could be this fun, and that change could happen so quickly.’

CBT + Coaching is the way to go

‘I love the fact that with Justin, I not only learned how to get out of the holes I was in, I also learned how to climb the mountains of my dreams. CBT + Coaching is the way to go’

Amazing experience

‘Amazing experience. Use of video made sessions so much more convenient and relaxed. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn concrete strategies on how to live life well.’

Manage life's up and downs

‘After my previous course of therapy didn’t work, I was skeptical to try again. I am so glad I did. This time, it wasn’t just ‘listening’. Justin helped me learn how to manage life’s up and downs in a way I never knew was possible.’