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How Life Coaching For Self-Esteem Can Help You Thrive? 4 Powerful Benefits

Life coaching for self esteem can help you develop the big support you have always needed

Life tears us down. A lot. And unfortunately, we tear ourselves down a lot. This is the power (of our mind) and the nightmare of our inner critic. Life coaching for self-esteem can help you learn how to develop the big support you deserve to feel anywhere and anytime. You can learn to be your own best friend.

We will all end up going through various situations or events that test us to our core. That is most definitely inevitable. It is also not unavoidable that these situations will cause us to ultimately end up feeling bad about ourselves. But we don’t have to beat ourselves up when life is hard.

In a world that already judges us for who we are. How we speak. What we choose as careers. The world and its people are always judging others. Not really caring how that can hurt regular people like you and me.  

With everything that can go wrong or tear us down, it’s no wonder why our self-esteem, collectively, is so low. Do you ever just sit there and envy the people in life who seem to have it all together? To have that natural confidence and ability to just trust in themselves?

When self-esteem is low, it can affect virtually every aspect of our lives. We aren’t just talking about the self-esteem that comes in feeling confident with how you look on the outside. Low self-esteem, unfortunately, can also affect how we see ourselves on the inside, too.

If you are struggling with this, no matter how long it has been going on, you may wonder what can be done about it. This is where focused life coaching for self-esteem can really help you get that boost of confidence you need.

1. Does Life Coaching For Self-Esteem Really Work?

Yes it really does. Life coaching for self-esteem teaches you how to have an amazing relationship with yourself. What better investment could you possibly make then developing a super positive and supportive relationship with yourself? Think about it – you will be there your whole life long SO learning to be good to yourself on the inside just makes sense, doesn’t it?

I could go on and on about all of the different ways life coaching can help someone, but one of the most important ways is that it helps to boost self-confidence. It’s estimated that 85% of adolescents and teens suffer from some form of self-esteem issue.

This is where life coaching for low self-esteem can make a big difference by teaching you how to develop a super resilient inner voice, which over time (and with practice) will help you develop a consistent and loving relationship with yourself and your life. And this translates to you feeling good within yourself your whole life long.

2. Self-Esteem For Life Coaching Helps You Grow Your Self Confidence From The Inside

You can fake it until you make it, sure. But to truly boost your self-esteem and self confidence, you have to begin by working on what is holding you back.

One way a life coach can help you boost your self-esteem is to show you how your fears, your anxieties, and your own personal struggles are keeping you from trusting in yourself. I get it. We have all gone through situations where we made a mistake or didn’t live up to expectations.

That’s unavoidable. But what is avoidable is how you let those situations continue to affect you. Life coaching can help you identify your own inner blocks to self confidence.

A good life coach will see your past for what it is – the past that is holding you back. An even better life coach will show you that you don’t have to stay stuck in this place and can begin living the life you want in the future, now.

3. “Old Dogs” Can Learn New Tricks

You may think to yourself, “I have always been like this, I can’t change now.” Let’s get you out of that mindset.

As a life coach, I want to show people that they can change for the better. That just because things have always been like that, it doesn’t mean they need to stay that way. And the neuroscience idea of a brain being able to re-wire at any age, called neuro-plasticity really applies when learning new habits of greater self confidence and increased self-esteem.

Working with a life coach is about teaching you to not only have confidence in who you are now, but who you will  become in the future (and how to stay you, your whole life long!)

4. You’ll Learn How To Be Your Own “Hype” Person

We all need those people who are our biggest supporters. But sometimes, you need to be that for yourself, as well. Inner support makes a big difference in your quality of life.

When you work with a life coach, you are learning the skills you need to be your own biggest cheerleader. You are starting every day off with, “I got this!” with whatever you are facing, instead of, “I don’t know if I can do this.”

Because you can do it. You just need the courage and self-confidence to believe in yourself.

As a trained life coach and therapist , I can help you discover your truest and greatest self so that you don’t have to continue to struggle and can start living the life you have always wanted for yourself. It starts with you and life coaching for self-esteem can be a great method to help you do this.

I am a Board Certified Coach (BCC Coach), a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Hawaii and an Accredited CBT Therapist and Psychotherapist in the UK with over 16 years of experience. I have received advanced specialist training in Coaching, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy

If you’re interested in learning more about how Life coaching for self-esteem can help you live your best life, please reach out to me at my Honolulu or London office to set up an Online Coaching Test Drive or click to learn more about my life coaching services.

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