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Therapy Test Drive Policy

Why A Therapy Test Drive Session?

Having to wait for weeks to months, just to schedule a ‘meet the therapist’ session or initial phone call, is far from ideal and I do my best to prevent this from happening as much as possible. Going directly on a therapist’s waiting list, without being able to first confirm that the therapist will be a great fit for you, and worth waiting for, creates unnecessary anxiety and is generally unhelpful. Having to pay just to meet a potential therapist also does not seem fair. This is why I offer a complimentary 20 minute test drive session which takes place in Zoom. 

How To Request A Therapy Test Drive Meeting?

Please click on the Therapy Test Drive button. Next, please complete all questions at the time of requesting a test drive meeting. Incomplete questions will result in the test drive being cancelled. Please note that I also reserve the right to let you know prior to any scheduled test drive meeting, if based on what you have shared, I don’t feel that I am the right fit for you. In this instance I will do my best to provide you with guidance as to how you may be able to find a suitable therapist. 

What If There Are No Available Appointments? Can I join your waiting list?

All availability is listed on my website. If you are unable to find an appointment, this means that all spaces are booked. If you would like to be placed on my waiting list for the next available test drive appointment, please click HERE to Join Waiting List.

One Free Therapy Test Drive Per Person Policy

As a potential client, I am happy to offer you one free test drive appointment as a gesture of good will to help us both decide if working together feels like a great fit. Due to the demand for these complimentary spaces, which often book out months in advance, it is my policy to only offer one free appointment per person. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend a scheduled test drive, any future test drive session appointments will need to be charged and agreed prior to booking. 

Therapy Test Drive Is Not An Emergency Or Crisis Service

A Therapy Test Drive appointment should never be used during an emergency or crisis. I do not provide an emergency or crisis service. If you feel unable to keep yourself safe, please go to the nearest hospital and ask to speak to the duty psychiatrist on call. Alternatively you can call emergency services (USA – dial 911 | UK – dial 999) 

What Happens After A Therapy Test Drive?

If following the test drive meeting, we agree to work together, I will send you an invite to the client portal where you will be able to complete all necessary paperwork in preparation for therapy to begin. Following receipt of all paperwork, I will either offer you an appointment or place you on my interactive waiting list. I will do my best to help you know what is happening at all times. 

Therapy Review

Following the therapy test drive session, we will meet for 3-4 meetings and do a therapy review on the 3rd to 4th meeting. This is an additional quality check to make sure that we remain a great fit. If either of us feels that we are not a great fit, we will talk about alternative referrals and / or how to go about finding a new therapist.

My Practice Promise To You

I will do my best to treat you as I would wish to be treated, with respect, kindness, and the utmost efficiency. I appreciate that as a potential client you are putting your faith and trust in me, and I take this responsibility very seriously. 

My Practice Request From You

As only one therapist, without a dedicated admin team, I have a limited number of available appointments in any given week and a limited amount of time to dedicate to admin tasks. As such, I kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in helping me to minimize wasted time and energy as much as humanly possible. This helps everyone. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.